I’m studying the meaning of Tarot cards

This is why:

“Meaning is a truly mysterious quality that arises at the juncture of inner and outer realities. There is a message in everything…trees, songs, even trash…but only when we are open to perceiving it. The tarot cards convey many messages because of the richness of their images and connections. More importantly, tarot readings communicate meaning because we bring to them our sincere desire to discover deeper truths about our lives. By seeking meaning in this way, we honor its reality and give it a chance to be revealed.”

This is a quote from this page: http://www.learntarot.com/top.htm

I’ve always believed that there was much, much more to the human being’s connection to the Creator of Life.

I also believe the writer of the blog, “Learn the Tarot” displays a true gift for understanding the relationship between the unconscious world, that the Creator gave us keys to, and our own intuitive minds.

I will be sharing my progress here on this blog.  Since I’ve been forced to live in this “New Reality”, I certainly intend to explore it more.

I’ve studied the Book of Changes since my early twenties, when I had a spectacular vision that put my feet on the path of exploring my inner self.